Myntex Partners with SLNT® to enhance its privacy offerings

Image by Myntex Inc.

As fervent advocates of privacy, Myntex extends its affiliation with likeminded companies to further enhance our customer’s privacy experience. That’s why we’ve partnered with SLNT®, a privacy alternative offering protection to an array of important non-encrypted devices. 

Our flagship product – ChatMail™ prevents anyone from eavesdropping through multiple encryption layers and security protocols.  For many of our clients, the increasing risks of cybersecurity threats have led executives to realize the benefits of implementing security policies, adopting the use of secure phones with end-to-end encryption.  ChatMail is the right solution for this purpose. For all the other mobile devices you carry that are not encrypted, SLNT offers our clients the privacy they need. The SLNT line of products (wallets, key cases, tech sleeves and travel bags) are designed with patented Silent Pocket® Faraday technology.  Simply slip your device into one of these sleek bags and they virtually go dark, unseen to prying eyes. 

Myntex wants to protect you on all fronts. The benefit SLNT gives you is the peace of mind that your personal information is undetectable to eavesdroppers or criminals. Passports, credit cards, and mobile devices cannot be accessed to tap your data when secured within.

We appreciate the design SLNT infused with their tech, providing an understated look and refined feel. ChatMail uses a simple yet elegant interface; styling matters to us as well as anonymity. We configure our phones to ensure your conversations and content are secure. Whether your communications are in transit, or your data is at rest—our customized, tamper-proof phones and proprietary CAMP encryption protocol protects your device from being tracked, cracked, or monitored.

ChatMail prohibits you from online browsing or installing third-party apps, which make other phones vulnerable to cyber-attacks or spying, because ChatMail devices are uniquely engineered for security. Designed for privacy, ChatMail phones cannot let hackers turn on your camera or listen to your conversation by hijacking the microphone on your device.

You can add an extra layer of protection to any unsecure mobile phones, smart watches, key fobs, or portables you carry with you. The technology used by SLNT is new, but the science behind comes from the 19th century experiments of Michael Faraday with electromagnetics.

This physics research became known as the Faraday law of induction (Faraday’s law). Faraday used it to build a large box lined with wire mesh to experiment with his discovery. He zapped the outside of the cage with electricity, while he stood inside with an electroscope. No electricity was detected within the wire structure. The enclosure was named after the inventor.

The Faraday cage is still used today in places like hospitals, such as MRIs, or in your kitchen to keep you safe when using your microwave oven. “It works on the principle that when an electromagnetic field hits something that can conduct electricity, the charges remain on the exterior of the conductor rather than traveling inside.” This is how SLNT protects your devices from electromagnetic radiation with its patented technology, which blocks 100% of all signals.

In addition to being solar and weather-proof, SLNT protects the contents of its containers so nothing on the outside can access what’s inside. This includes your Bluetooth, camera, cellular, GPS, navigation or satellite devices, and Wi-Fi. It also blocks RFID, used in ID badges, key fobs, smartphone chips, even library books. Not only does this protect your privacy and keep your data secure, but it also shields you from the unhealthy effects of EMF radiation.

Trust the tech gear used by business leaders, governments, military, and travelers alike—consider SLNT when you’re looking for accessories to keep you and your information safe on the go.