Standing United In Support of Encryption—Myntex® Defends Your Right to Privacy

Image – Myntex ® Data Center

Myntex is on a mission to provide the world with fundamental security through mobile communications. We rely on encryption to ensure the performance of our technology. Governments that threaten to undermine encryption in the name of privacy are doing more harm than good.

This is why we signed an Open Letter by Fight for the Future. The goal is to urge democratic leaders to defend laws that strengthen encryption to protect us all, rather than creating policies to open backdoors to surveillance, malicious actors, and authoritarian abusive regimes.

While proponents of Bills aimed at protecting the vulnerable online believe encryption is a threat to law enforcement, it is the mechanism that secures online activity and without it, individuals, businesses, educators, and the very governments that seek to break end-to-end encryption would all be at risk of cybersecurity challenges including unwanted observation and unprotected privacy in a digital world.

Attacks on Encryption are Attacks on the Right to Privacy

End-to-end encryption lets companies, like Myntex, ensure data and communications remain private and secure. The only ones who should be able to decrypt messages or calls are the intended recipients. No one, including law enforcement, politicians, government officials, or hackers, should have access to a backdoor; and you cannot grant access to one and restrict another.

These are the main tenets excerpted from the letter, with links to the referenced legislation:

“The value of this technology in defending privacy cannot be overstated but is also seen as a threat to law enforcement who argue that the ability to freely access individuals’ communications is critical for criminal investigations. This messaging has spurred worrying initiatives such as the Online Safety Bill in the UK, the Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act in the USA, India’s Directions 20(3)/2022 – CERT-In, Bill C26 in Canada, the Surveillance Legislation Amendment Act in Australia, as well as the proposed rules to prevent and combat child sexual abuse in the EU. These laws aim to take away the right to privacy online by forcing encrypted services to weaken the security of their users and give law enforcement access to user information upon request.”

“Everyone deserves a free and open internet. The Internet must remain inclusive, free, and fair by providing everyone with unfettered access to online services, including encrypted services. This enables users to exercise their right to privacy, their right to engage in private discourse, and their right to hold those in power accountable by shedding light on human rights abuses, corruption, misinformation and environmental destruction – something that is vital to the democratic process of forming public opinion.” Please take the time to read the letter, linked below, and ask your organization to endorse it.