Myntex Launches Renati — Disrupting Data Collection in the Mobile Phone Sphere with a Security Focused Operating System

Giving Users Complete Control Over Their Identity

Calgary, Alberta — Myntex Inc. announced the release of ChatMail® on Renati today, culminating two years of design, development, and simultaneous infrastructure transformations; positioning this proprietary OS to start a technological revolution.

“We have a discerning target audience for our customer base,” Myntex® President and CEO, Geoff Green, notes. “Like me, they don’t trust embedded services, third-party apps, or devices that are open and susceptible to malicious intrusion. Society is waking up to the need for confidentiality, not exploitation.”

Today’s surveillance capital economy monetizes personally identifiable information. Sensitive data is sourced through search engines, web browsers, and app developers. Analytics are revealing.

Green champions confidentiality. “Myntex empowers people to take control of their mobile communications. We help clients retain their privacy in a digital world that turns consumers into the product.”

Renati OS was purpose-built for ChatMail®—the device-hardening software Myntex created for Android™ phones. Providing protection against exposure to data breaches, identity theft, location tracking, and scrutiny, Renati eliminates attack surfaces and threat vectors on a range of Pixel devices.

Security experts warn about an onslaught of AI-assisted cybercrime, which emphasizes the need for mitigation. Myntex enlisted Unique Wire to try to penetrate Renati’s security and physically extract customer-generated data on ChatMail. Commercial forensic tools were no match, proving ChatMail on Renati is resilient.

Green notes, “If Pegasus gets into your phone, the encryption doesn’t matter anymore. The protection needs to start in the operating system. Renati is rock solid.”

Myntex revamped the backend of its framework with microservices for its closed platform. “We constructed a bi-directional secure socket tunnel for our phones to communicate in real-time with our infrastructure,” Green explains. “But the main advantage of RMDM is we are independent of having to use Google Firebase to fully lock down our OS. We’re leading a culture shift that demands mobile device defence.”

Renati—mobile security reborn. Read the Uncut Product Innovation Story.

Chantel Duplantie, COO
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About Myntex

The global mobile data protection market is expected to reach $13.6 B in 2027. Myntex occupies a niche as the developer of ChatMail and Renati. The company also owns and operates a private, on-site custom data center. Confirmed reliability has made Myntex Canada’s largest provider of end-to-end encrypted phone solutions.

Myntex is redefining privacy through technology with an innovative vision for secure communications. Established in 2010, Myntex flourished in its field. Founded as a tech start-up by President and CEO Geoff Green and COO Chantel Duplantie—offering PGP‑encrypted email solutions from Canmore, Alberta—Myntex opened its high-tech Calgary headquarters in 2016.

Myntex is on a mission to provide the definitive offering and security performance of encrypted phones.

Certified Partners oversee global distribution in 180+ countries, managed locally by ChatMail 150+ resellers.

An ardent supporter of global efforts to protect the fundamental human right to privacy, Myntex stands against efforts to undermine encryption in our actions, advocacy, and affiliations. Educating the public in this regard through our blogs and social media is an important pillar of our business. See how we’re effecting change by visiting us at