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About Us

At Myntex, our key focus is our customer’s privacy and security. We understand that our customers need to increase security and privacy at an affordable cost. With our expertise in cost cutting methods, installation, maintenance and management of our encrypted communication networks and applications, the possibilities are limitless.

We are industry leaders in data and email encryption solutions on mobile devices.

We are also partnered with industry leaders to offer seamless integration with BlackBerry devices, with leading edge 4096 bit encryption at an affordable cost. We are the largest mobile encrypted communications provider in Canada offering personal, enterprise and small business solutions accompanied with a fast, sophisticated and encrypted network.

With international wireless coverage and a dedicated support team, our customers know they are always secure and connected. We are in the business of giving our customers the peace of mind in knowing their communications are totally secure and encrypted. It is our commitment to ensure you or your business has a competitive advantage by preventing data breaches resulting from unencrypted communication systems.

Myntex is a privately owned corporation with an international footprint. Unlike many of our competitors "cloak and dagger" operations; here at Myntex we promote transparency, superior service and savings for our customers. Let Myntex be your trusted source for encrypted communications.

Company Information

Myntex started as a small company based out of Alberta, Canada with thoughts of becoming a trusted exchange website and we slowly branched out into the security market. With new legislations that infringe on individuals privacy rights we felt that there needed to be a reliable provider of trusted encryption solutions. Computers and smartphones are used for everything in our daily lives but we often forget that with a little bit of time and effort anyone can access our private communications and data. Businesses have trade secrets, client data and financial information.

Without the use of encryption we are blatantly neglecting our rights to privacy.

PGP, created by Philip Zimmermann, has been around for a number of years. PGP is a brilliant technology for encryption but up until recently it was quite hard to implement for novice computer users. By utilizing industry leading technology we can bring our customers the encryption technology they deserve in an easy, affordable and 100% secure solution.

About the CEO

Geoff Green serves as President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Myntex. With more than twelve years experience in the computer and technology industry, he is known for his passion in telecommunication and his strong beliefs in privacy and security.

From the initial concept to the launch of Myntex, Geoff has been here since the beginning. He has been successful in growing the company with his trusted employees by providing excellent customer service, profound knowledge in encryption and respect for his clients' privacy. Unlike many of our competitors that run cloak and dagger operations that hide behind a wall of secrecy, he believes in an open and transparent method of business.

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