Set the highest bar for security.

We are continuously adapting to stay on the leading edge of innovation and revolutionizing the way our global clientele interacts with secure applications.

Mobile Device Management

Renati, our proprietary custom-built MDM safeguards intellectual property and enforces security policies remotely. Unmanaged devices pose heightened risks. Our solution shields sensitive data, offering secure authentication and remote administration for lost or stolen devices.

MDM solutions are a staple for enterprises. When implemented effectively, they streamline integration, saving time and resources. Myntex MDM unifies management tasks into a seamless platform, optimizing internal operations without burdening your IT team.

Data Center

Our cutting-edge on-premise data center sets the stage for secure global collaboration. With leading proprietary technology and bespoke management tools, we fortify your data like no other.

Your data stays in Canada, protected by robust privacy laws. Our data center nixes outsourcing risks, ensuring your security and privacy. We're built for the long haul, protected from power glitches and cyber attacks.

Server room

ChatMail Advanced Messaging and Parsing

We've engineered our custom encryption protocol, known as CAMP, from the ground up. It's rooted in well established cryptographic standards. Our message encryption protocol prevents plain text storage on devices, and our PGP email solution eliminates the need for local server storage. For end-to-end messaging, we employ Diffie-Hellman Elliptic Curve Cryptography. ChatMail doesn't have roster, group, or message storage, which lets you erase sensitive data even while offline.

Our parsing algorithm seamlessly translates external PGP encrypted emails into easily digestible chat-like messages, ensuring secure communication with external PGP providers. Unlike other platforms, where threads persist even after message deletion, ChatMail ensures complete confidentiality.

Streamlined Client Management

Our infrastructure is a dynamic, on-demand system that ensures swift, isolated updates without disruptions. Our microservice architecture allow us to build unique applications with flexibility and fast troubleshooting.

This innovation streamlines operations, maintaining uptime and reducing support inquiries. Our tech prowess in virtualization and containerization exceeds expectations, accelerating feature deployment while ensuring security. We're dedicated to innovation and security in equal measure.

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