BlackBerry® Managed Security Service Providers

Security is at the forefront of everything we do. As long-standing partners of Blackberry, we serve as your trusted UEM implementation specialist, providing our expertise to enhance your mobile security posture.

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Customized Device ManagementCustomized Device Management

Self-hosted UEM provides enhanced privacy and security.

Enhanced Device Security & Controls

We stay current with the latest threats, vulnerabilities and security technologies, thus ensuring your devices are correctly configured and optimized to prevent security threats.

Data Privacy and Sovereignty

Sensitive data stays within our protected Canadian data center – crucial for organizations that operate under strict data privacy laws or have concerns about data sovereignty.

24/7/365 Monitoring and Support

Cybercrimes can happen anytime – our round-the-clock support and monitoring services ensure your continuous access to security expertise.

Cost Efficiency

We operate on a subscription-based model, providing cost-effective mobile security solutions, with minimized reliance on external service providers, limiting potential disruptions or outages.

Scalability and Customization

We can scale our microservices to align with your changing security needs and tailor the UEM environment to allow for specific configurations that may not be possible in an otherwise shared hosting environment.

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Private Play Store

Exclusively built for ChatMail and our native apps, where we have full control over the security, updates, and distribution process, minimizing potential risks associated with third-party app stores.

Enhanced Security and Controls: No risk of malicious or unauthorized applications getting installed on company devices.

Improved Security Patching and Updates: We administer all app management updates and distribution, ensuring all devices have the latest and most secure versions.

Offline Access: We allow for offline access to apps, ensuring that employees can continue to use critical tools even in environments with limited or no internet connectivity.

Let us customize a formidable device management platform for you.

As one of Blackberry's official Managed Security Service Providers, we have the knowledge, access, and infrastructure to support a wide range of enterprise needs.

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