Encrypted communications need multi-layer protection against the full spectrum of mobile threats.

Privacy isn’t a feature you toggle on and off. Every message, call, note, and photo is protected for enterprise-level secure collaboration. Integrates with Renati's proven OS and BlackBerry UEM.

Encryption with purposeEncryption with purpose

Everything we do with ChatMail entrenches your privacy and protects your data.

Enterpise-Grade Data Protection

An enterprise mobile alternative to WhatsApp, Slack and Signal for organizations that need their own managed private messaging service - encrypted in transit and at rest.

Superior Performance & Reliability

Enhanced secure ecosystem through a single interface, with 99.9% uptime and secure OTA updates.

Authenticated Encryption Verification

  • ECC Curve25519
  • 4096-bit Diffie-Hellman key exchange
  • SHA-2 authentication
  • ZRTP protocol
  • SRTP for secure transport
  • SAS MITM protection
  • Double Ratchet Algorithm
  • Post-quantum encryption protection
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ChatMail starts at $200 per month, with discounts available for organizations and renewals. We will connect you with the nearest authorized partner, who can offer local pricing, support, and device sourcing.

Productivity & Collaboration

Anonymous Group Chat

Easily and securely message multiple people at once, while protecting each others’ identities.

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Enhanced Image Editing

Elevate your collaboration experience by sketching, annotating, cropping, flipping, or rotating images in conversations and notebooks.

Custom PGP Integration

Enable or disable PGP completely and only use the latest in encrypted chat communication.

Encrypted Calling

Speak with up to three other ChatMail users at once. Talk on high quality, low latency calls that are secure and encrypted.

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Multiple Languages

System languages available in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Russian, and seven others.

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Voice Messaging

Send and receive encrypted voice messages and listen by earpiece or speaker.

Top Vectors of Mobile Vulnerabilities

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Phishing messages designed to steal credentials
Command and control traffic from malware on a device
Browsing infected websites or URLs

Enhanced Security

Tamper Proof & Anti Theft

Destroy all your sensitive data in an instant with the duress password, to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.

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Notebook Lock Screen

Keep your sensitive text and images encrypted and locked down with a dedicated, customized PIN.

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Self-Destructing Messages

Send a picture, note, or message that can’t be saved and will be destroyed on all devices at a set time.

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Encrypted Camera & Photos

Take optimized photos that don't record any form of metadata or cached information. It's only about the pixels.

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Secure Backup & Restore

Protect your notebook and contact data using your private, personal password and E2EE immutability.

Transparent Keystore Access

Create unique cryptographic keys saved to your private keystore, with public keys automatically checked every 24 hours.

Your mobile privacy isn’t a lost cause. It’s our mission.

ChatMail paired with our custom OS, Renati, operates independently from Google, third parties and abstains from data sharing and collection. Instead, we proactively eliminate hardware and software that exposes your most confidential data. To this end, we’ve removed access to the Google Play Store, internet browsing, GPS, USB signalling, NFC, SMS, MMS, GSM calling, and Bluetooth.

Silouette with caption, ChatMail has zero tolerance for data collection.

Security-first design doesn't make compromises.

No phone number, no one is listening.


Disclosing your phone number on websites and social media networks can expose you to fraudulent activities, as it becomes effortless for malicious individuals to contact you and carry out their deceitful schemes. Apps like WhatsApp, Signal, X, and WeChat are prime examples where phone numbers aren't just an optional addition but a mandatory requirement for account creation. Hackers reach out to your mobile service provider, posing as you, and utilize the personal information they have stolen from you to bypass security verifications.

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No metadata, no problem.


Metadata silently betrays your secrets divulging critical details such as who said what, who knew what, and every edit made. It hides in common applications, beyond your control.

  • Privacy-focused operating systems that allow third party apps are not foolproof and have been breached
  • Screen-watching exploits defeat encryption
  • A lost device; with the right tools, all data can be exposed
  • All keyboards send data for spell checking, suggestions, and performance metrics. They even store what you type, including passwords.
  • Command and control exploits from malicious content

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No server storage, no data leaks.


In today's data-hungry mobile-first world, no individual or organization is immune to the digital collection tsunami. Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is by far the top category sought in breaches. DOB and/or SSN data are the most frequently compromised type, leading to exposure of critical accounts. Name and physical address, and personal health information are second and third.

According to Security Magazine, the cause of data breach incidents was:

  • 35% were from remote workers
  • 29% from third-party vendors
  • Over 50% through compromised accounts by responding to a direct message
  • 45% from phishing link
  • 33% say malicious actor claimed to be a customer, prospect or vendor

Our data philosophy: less is more. We don't store messages on our servers, so they can't be recalled and our system prevents storage of contacts and rosters.

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ChatMail on Renati

Renati is our security-focused mobile operating system built specifically for ChatMail on Pixel devices with Google Services removed. With a custom Linux Kernel and tamper-proof Android Verified Boot, nothing is left to chance.

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ChatMail on UEM

ChatMail first launched on our self-hosted instance of BlackBerry® Unified Endpoint Management. It's customized for unparalleled security and supports several Android devices (including the Samsung Galaxy).

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