Our new mobile OS designed for unparalleled security and privacy.

A no-compromise security-focused operating system for ChatMail, specifically designed to protect from both remote and physical attack vectors.

Security with purposeSecurity with purpose
No Third
Party Apps

Security isn't a static measure, but a dynamic standard.

Advanced Threat Protection

Secure users against data exfiltration and cyber threats with reliable, zero trust connectivity to native applications. Our services are hosted in our private and on premises data center, for secure and reliable performance.

Secure Device Management

Maintain granular control with fortified provisioning, monitoring, updates, and decommissioning. Our security-first platform shields critical devices through privileged access and a zero trust approach.

Data Protection

Security is at the core with industry-leading encryption protocols to safeguard sensitive data at rest and in transit. Even in the event of a breach, your data remains protected against unauthorized parties.

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Renati, including a ChatMail subscription, starts at $200 per month, with discounts available for organizations and renewals. Get connected with your nearest authorized partner, who can offer local pricing, support, and device sourcing.

The new era of privacy and security is deGoogled and uncompromising.

Android, while arguably the most accessible and innovative mobile platform, is not designed to protect the user or their critical assets. Many privacy-focused operating systems still rely on Google for common functionality.

Renati stands apart with its unyielding commitment to true privacy and security by removing all the search giant's services at every level of the operating system.

Learn more about vulnerabilities of Google's ecosystem.

A smartphone with many third party apps installed. Labels show the plethora of vulnerabilities that each app introduces.

Renati redefines the modern smartphone.

A regular smartphone user can’t be anonymous: you pay for free apps with unprecedented access to your most sensitive data. Renati protects your data by blocking third party apps and all Google and tracking services.

App Filters

Upgrade to Fort Knox level security.

Renati is one step ahead of hackers, anticipating and stopping threats before they can strike.

  • Duress Password on lockscreen
  • Auto Factory Reset on inactivity
  • Auto Reboot on inactivity
  • Opt-in Clipboard
  • Disabled ADB functionality
  • Custom currency converter and calculator apps, private keyboard, encrypted camera

Technology should work for your privacy, not against it.

Renati is installed on select authentic Pixel devices for a no-compromise approach to security.

Disabled Hardware
  • GPS
  • Biometrics
  • Bluetooth
  • USB data
  • NFC
Removed Software
  • Web browsing
  • 3rd party apps
  • Google services
  • Ad services

Find out how Renati protects against modern mobile threats, or download the Renati technical details.

Keep your location to yourself.

We’ve taken unprecedented steps to make sure location services are disabled at every level of the operating system.

Emergency Location Services: Eliminated
Bluetooth Tracking: Eliminated

Renati goes further to keep your data safe.

Custom Kernel

Renati reinforces all aspects of the device, right down to fortifying the fundamental architecture from any type of hardware or digital attacks.

OTA Updates

Digital threats are constantly evolving. That’s why Renati allows for rapid and secure over-the-air updates on WiFi, delivering the latest security available at the highest speed.

Android Verified Boot

Upon start up Renati verifies the integrity and authenticity of all executable code, ensuring the device is uncompromised, with custom signed certificates.

True security works hardest behind the scenes.

Learn about our infrastructure.

Microservice Infrastructure

Services are fully scalable for flexibility and agility with redundant layers built-in to reliably and instantaneously deliver services.

Renati Mobile Device Management

The custom-designed Secure Socket Tunnel operates without any use of Google Firebase Cloud Messaging.

Data Center

Renati’s Canadian server infrastructure has restricted access, 24/7 monitoring, and only collects minimum operational information.

Renati is purpose-built to make ChatMail even more resilient.

Encrypt your conversations, protect your contacts, and safeguard your data effortlessly. ChatMail's seamless productivity suite ensures your privacy is not just a promise, but a reality.

Learn more about chatmail

Unique Wire forensic testing

Forensically validated to provide robust protection against physical extraction, ensuring advanced counter-espionage and surveillance defense. We stand resolute in our commitment to security perfection.

Download forensic report

Product shot of a Pixel phone with Renati OS

Get total security from the experts.

Renati is our security-focused mobile operating system built specifically for ChatMail on Pixel devices with Google Services removed. With a custom Linux Kernel and tamper-proof Android Verified Boot, nothing is left to chance.

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