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Data Center

ChatMail Data Center

Myntex owns and operates a state-of-the-art data center from our headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our private data center showcases our secure collaboration and communication tools to our clients worldwide. Utilizing the latest in open-source virtualization technology and custom management tools, we offer a distinctively unique solution when it comes to protecting our client’s data.

When it comes to data security and privacy, operating our own data center has numerous advantages over third-party hosted services. We control the security compliance and physical access to the infrastructure, protecting against unauthorized intrusion. We can guarantee data sovereignty with the added benefit of Canada’s strong privacy legislation.

By leveraging our expertise with the advantage of an on-site private data center we eliminate the risk from outsourcing, eliminating concerns with security and privacy for our clients. Designing our system to remain operational, regardless of power or equipment failure and even distributed denial of service attacks, Myntex provides the safest infrastructure available. Through redundancy, back-up generators, virtualization and proprietary management of our servers we have achieved excellent resiliency and reliability as a service provider.

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