Protecting Investigative Journalists in the Face of Digital Surveillance

Experience true privacy and security with our proven mobile phone solution.

We're providing 200 licenses to use ChatMail on Renati to privacy-conscious journalists and essential team members. If you worry about zero-click attacks, being hacked, or tracked through your cellphone, our forensically-tested solution will help.

The scoop: You provide the device, we'll deliver the security.

We're also committed to donating $100 CAD to your choice of one of five Human Rights charities.

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Reporters without borders visualization of freedom of press worldwide
Infographic courtesy of Reporters Without Borders

We Know What You're Up Against

With legislation around the world increasingly scrutinizing the work you do, don't take chances with your mobile communications.

The implications for press freedom and the protection of sources are alarming.

Secure your spot

I feel guilty for the information sources who send me thinking that some encrypted messaging ways are secure. They did it and they didn’t know that my phone is infected. … it’s not just me. I put so many people in danger.

Khadija Ismayilova, Investigative Journalist, Pegasus Spyware Target

I know for a fact that a lot of people are scared to talk to me. A lot of people are scared of writing me, they're scared that my phone is watched.

Aida Alami, The New York Times Journalist

I felt dread and disbelief […] It is no accident that governments are using spyware to target activists and journalists, the very people who uncover their abusive practices. They seem to believe that by doing so, they can consolidate power, muzzle dissent, and protect their manipulation of facts.

Lama Fakih, Crisis and Conflict Director, Human Rights Watch

Journalists should not be treated as criminals.

Szabolcs Panyi, Investigative Journalist, Pegasus Spyware Target

As journalists, what is even more worrying is that sources and contacts may have been compromised, that these are violations not just of your privacy and private life, but of the freedom of the press […] That my telephone could be used to help attack these journalists who fight every day makes me very angry.

Lénaïg Bredoux, Investigative Journalist, Pegasus Spyware Target

Supporting Causes We Believe In

Global Encryption Coalition

Written testimonials supporting encryption through like-minded organizations.

Fight for the Future

Signed Fight for the Future's open letter to defend and strengthen encryption.

Collaborate Securely with ChatMail on Renati

Phones with ChatMail on Renati

ChatMail is a secure communications application enabling encrypted messaging, group chat, calling and notebook. With custom security enhancements like an encrypted camera and private keyboard. It's installed on Renati, a no-compromise mobile operating system built for total security and privacy. Together they form a mobile solution that creates a new standard for protecting its users.

Security as a Foundation

File icon

Data Control

  • Data collected - username & activation dates
  • No third-party servers, services or apps
  • No AI technology
  • No data harvesting
Encrypted file icon

Data Security

  • MITM protection
  • Immune to digital forensic tools
  • Industry standard AES-256 encryption
  • No Google Services
Secure chip icon

Proprietary Technology

  • Custom AOSP-based OS
  • Custom hardening on select Pixel devices
  • Renati Mobile Device Management
  • ChatMail Advanced Messaging & Parsing Protocol

Defend Your Right to Defend What's Important

Maintain Story Integrity

  • End-to-end encrypted calling and chat
  • Encrypted camera and notes
  • No phishing, malware, or ransomware vectors

Protect Your Freedom

  • User-owned encryption keys
  • Removed location services and tracking
  • Duress password

Safeguard Your Sources

  • Automated authentications
  • Anonymous group chat
  • Self-destructing messages

Vet Your Technology Like You Vet Your Story

About Myntex

ChatMail and Renati are owned and operated by Myntex, Inc., incorporated in 2011 with a focus on secure and private communications. After working with 3rd party services, it became apparent that to offer clients a no-compromise, security-first solution, it had to be built from scratch. As a result, ChatMail made its debut in 2017 and most recently Renati was released in 2023.

Myntex is run by CEO Geoff Green and COO Chantel Duplantie, and has grown to 11 staff (and 5 dogs). It's partnered with global technology suppliers and has provided services to over 45,000 users across 180 countries.

The Myntex office is located at #27, 4511 Glenmore Trail in Calgary, Alberta. Contact us to schedule a tour of our facilities or call 1-403-621-1186 or 1-866-473-5440 with any questions.

Preview of Unique Wire Forensic Analysis report

Certified Security

Our Renati operating system, the pinnacle of mobile security, has undergone rigorous forensic testing conducted by Unique Wire in the field. Their extensive assessments have unequivocally confirmed that ChatMail on Renati devices cannot be breached. Not a single commercially available forensic device was capable of extracting data or intercepting messages from our highly secure ecosystem.

Download the Executive Report Summary (PDF, 1.8mb)

Your License Awaits, Free of Charge

Myntex champions the plight of journalists and supports encryption around the world.

We are offering 200 three-month licenses to use ChatMail on Renati to vetted journalists. For every journalist who participates, we will donate $100 CAD to one of your preferred Human Rights charities. Together we can champion secure journalism and empower fundamental individual liberties. Applications close March 31, 2024.

Technical Requirements

ChatMail can only communicate with other ChatMail and PGP Encryption providers, so we recommend at least 2 licenses per application. You'll need to supply your own OEM unlocked Google Pixel device. Live, hands-on support is available for installation.

Apply for your free ChatMail on Renati licenses

All fields are required
ⓘUse your professional address where possible. We don't share, sell, or reuse your contact information outside of our journalist program.
ⓘAre you representing yourself (an individual) or an organization you are a member of?
ⓘWhich organization do you represent? This is used to vet your application.
ⓘIf accepted, we'll donate $100 to your choice of one of the following non-profit organizations.
ⓘChatMail users can only communicate with other ChatMail or PGP users. We suggest a minimum of two licenses.
ⓘThis helps us ensure the licenses go to those who need it most.

Custom Usernames

Enter your preferred username for each license. Use 4-20 characters (must include letters and numbers), profanity or crude words are not permitted. We may make adjustments based on availability.

FAQ & Due Diligence

Program Details

What are the five W’s of this Journalist program?

Journalists and their essential team member(s) can apply for a 3-month free license to use ChatMail on Renati - a minimum of two users per individual or up to 10 users per Media organization. To participate in this program, we do request your name, email address, and for the purposes of vetting your authenticity, we require a link to a recent article and your primary social handle. When you install Renati, you won’t need to disclose any personal information, and you’ll create your own passwords.

You can choose one of five Human Rights NGOs you would like Myntex® to donate $100 CAD to during signup. Donations will be made on or before March. 31, 2024.

  • A movement of 10 million advocates, campaigners, hackers, researchers, and technologists defending our rights in the digital age.
  • Citizen Lab: An interdisciplinary laboratory based at the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy, University of Toronto, focusing on communication technologies, human rights, and global security.
  • Forbidden Stories: A non-profit project that helps stories reach the public when journalists are facing threats, prison or murder all over the world.
  • International Center for Journalists: Supporting journalists to expose corruption and abuse and ensure the truth prevails.
  • Reporters without Borders: A worldwide coalition supporting initiatives for the creation of a Special Representative to the United Nations Secretary General for the safety of journalists.

Installation of Renati requires you to provide your own OEM unlocked Pixel phone. Compatible OEM unlocked phones include: 3a, 3a XL, 4a, 4XL, 6a, 6, 6 Pro and 7a. Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are under development. Pixel phones sold by Verizon are incompatible. To confirm your device can be unlocked, navigate to Settings -> System -> Developer Options -> Select and enable OEM Unlocking. For connection you can use Wi-Fi or purchase a data only plan.


As a Canadian company, we are not allowed to export encryption to these countries.

Central African Republic
Democratic Republic of the Congo
East Timor
Equatorial Guinea
Ivory Coast
North Korea
Sri Lanka


The program offer will continue until all 200 free licenses have been claimed or until March 31, 2024 — whichever comes first. The 3-month subscription will begin upon installation, regardless of usage.


You know the risks facing journalists today and we know the offerings that are out there. Having a chance to use ChatMail on Renati will let you experience a fully locked-down, secure solution.

Why are you only offering this promotion to journalists? What do you hope to gain?

We are a small business looking to make a big difference in the world by sharing our technology. We’re concerned about threats to encryption, backdoor mandates and the spyware threats towards journalists.

We want journalists to experience our product and while we cannot provide you with indefinite protection of your mobile communications for free, hopefully, we will help you to understand the importance of a fully locked-down solution.

We believe word of mouth is powerful and that organic recommendations, with no obligation attached are more authentic. If you find value in our product and would like to share your thoughts, we'd appreciate it. Additionally, if you ever wish to arrange an interview with Myntex CEO, Geoff Green, or seek insights on security, privacy, and encryption topics, we're here to assist. At the conclusion of your trial, we plan to offer an incentive of appreciation as a gesture of our gratitude.

You’re asking journalists to download an operating system and app, why should we trust it’s secure?

Our private data center has been operating for 13 years in Canada - where there is greater digital privacy freedom than in most other countries. We have never been breached and manage our infrastructure on-site. Radware DDoS protection guarantees 99.99% uptime.

Renati is re-engineered to enhance the security of the Android Operating System Project. Updates and patches come direct from Myntex, with no third-party interference. Renati OS implements Android Verified Boot and with the highly secure nature of our product, typical attack vectors are non-existent.

To prove the integrity of our device hardening and encryption protocols, ChatMail on Renati was given to a Mobile Forensic Testing company to try to infiltrate the device and extract data. Even with the device password provided, the examiners could not extract any user-generated data. Read the Executive Summary Report.

Can I safely ship a Renati device internationally without fear of interception risks?

When you purchase a Pixel device and install Renati OS, Renati overwrites all the partitions, so there’s no risk of malware. If you are shipping one of your Renati pre-installed devices to your contact, ADB and USB Signaling is fully disabled. There is no way to connect another tool to the device to infect or extract data. And even if there is an attempt to bypass Renati’s protection, such as a push into an unlocked state, Renati detects this and sends itself into a self-destruction erase loop.

Most journalists use Signal, Telegram, or WhatsApp because they can do so for free. Why is ChatMail a paid subscription?

While these apps can enhance your mobile privacy and help you escape from a lot of the user tracking synonymous with mobile devices – it is important to recognize that merely adding them as apps to your smartphone cannot provide comprehensive protection. It’s what we call a ‘privacy-first’ solution, where the user has some control over how their data is being collected and used.

With the above apps, your messages are encrypted in transit (End-to-End) but not at rest. Your messages can be extracted physically using commercially available forensic tools, or your conversations watched in real time using spyware like Pegasus or popular exploits.

ChatMail on Renati takes your privacy a big step further by being a ‘security-first’ solution. In addition to removing data collection and user monitoring, it’s focused on protecting your information from deliberate and complex attacks, even if a third party has managed to get ahold of your physical phone without your permission. We’ve hardened all aspects of the operating system and communication protocols so that you’re secure against targeted efforts to compromise your specific data.


Can you provide references from other journalists or reputable organizations that have used ChatMail on Renati for secure communications?

Given the nature of our platform and our commitment to user privacy, we do not publicly disclose our clients. What we can tell you is that over 13 years, 45 thousand individuals and organizations across various industries have trusted us with their secure communications.

Is it true you used to sell EncroChat?

Yes. Myntex® was an authorized reseller of EncroChat software licenses and we sold them wholesale to our partner distribution network. When EncroChat was sold in 2016, our contract ended. Our contract was with the original owner of EncroChat. It ended 3-years before the investigation took place under the new ownership.


What is your business philosophy?

Transparency and security, at all costs, is our business principle.

Myntex believes everyone has the right to privacy and is revolutionizing the way our global clientele interacts with secure applications. Amidst 13 years in the secure communications industry, we've observed its shadows: platforms with lofty claims vanishing, faceless entities, inflated prices for free projects, and impractical features touted. Our transparency and unwavering commitment to user privacy, avoiding fads, defines our no-compromise approach.

Why aren’t you open-source?

Security at this level requires investment, offering a security product with this level of customization takes time and resources. "Lack of warranty. Open-source software does not come with any warranties as to its security, support, or content. Although many projects are supported, they are done so by volunteers and the development of them can be dropped without notice." Quote from Google.

What made you choose a standalone data centre vs. a decentralized/cloud?

Everyone likes to talk about decentralized cloud infrastructure, which does have some benefits. At the end of the day, though, this may not meet your elevated security needs, as you still would never know who has access to it. Our in-house Data Centre is privately managed and secure with advanced security protections and restricted access.

Why did you create your own OS if you have BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Management?

BlackBerry UEM is a great product, and we self host the instance in our private data center to ensure full control. UEM offers a wider variety of device models, and we will continue to offer them as we are proud certified BlackBerry MSSP Partners.

We developed our own OS in order to offer our clients certain customizations and stronger restrictions than UEM can offer at this time.