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ChatMail Microservices

Microservices allow Myntex to compartmentalize our infrastructure into lightweight, small components, giving our clients increased reliability and fault tolerance. The advantage of microservices is they are built and deployed when needed, avoiding the complexity of a traditional monolithic service approach. Microservices bring the added benefit of allowing rapid changes to be made when required. Changes to each application are performed in isolation without impact or service degradation.

Adopting a microservice architecture is a rewarding yet technical challenge. Various microservice architecture patterns have been around for many years. There is no hard and fast rule or one-size-fits-all approach. Microservice architecture is a methodology in which numerous challenges must be solved to achieve a scalable and flexible design. Microservices provide early alerts to issues so we can promptly solve the problem. If we find an area of our system that would benefit from the simplification of a microservice, we’ll build it.

Incorporating microservices into our organization has helped us improve functionality, making our services more manageable. If one part of the system requires repair, everything else carries on unaffected. Microservices are cost-effective in this respect and allow us to operate with unprecedented uptime. Our clients require less customer service as a result.

Through our combined virtualization and containerization technology we have surpassed our initial design expectations. This streamlined delivery model has reduced pinch points, providing effective optimization for our DevOps team. The reduced time spent on engineering and deployment allows us to provide exciting new features for our customers at an accelerated rate without compromising on security.

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