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Chatmail Overview

Myntex® is a security focused software and technology company which is at the top of a constantly evolving ecosystem of partners, distributors, and customers. We are continuously adapting to stay on the leading edge of innovation. Myntex is revolutionizing the way our global clientele interacts with secure applications. Encryption is critical for end-to-end cybersecurity. With increased ransomware attacks, data breaches and privacy concerns, we have developed exciting new technology to alleviate communications risk in a digitally connected world.

Our in-house technology team concentrates on agile development practices, while utilizing best practices in modern containerization, virtualization, and microservice technology. The result is secure, adaptable, and highly available security tools to ensure data privacy. With full control over our solutions infrastructure, Myntex pushes the boundaries of our technology to create services rivaling the calibre of the industry giants. We capture these creations in our premier security product—ChatMail—designed and developed to deliver private and protected communication to the masses, giving you control over your privacy.

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